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The Year of the Rising Sun


Traveling has never been out of style, out of mind.

I'm sure everyone yearns to travel far and wide each year.

Well I'm no different. 

I have had ample opportunities to be able to travel and visit places all around the world. Never more than grateful, it was all but nothing, my father's undivided attention and love that he have showered me since I can barely read maps. 

Yes, I've flew to countries I've never imagined I could visit. 25 years of pure luck. The love for travel grew in me, and I can say it shaped who I am and is possibly the reason behind half of what I want to do as I grew older. 

One of the places I wanted to visit since 13 was Japan. I never got to visit this popular destination until this year. My father didn't admire the place due to the difficulty in finding food that's edible to him. Simply said, he is never a fan of the land of the rising Sun.

So why is Japan taking the hot seat on my Top Five list for 2017 is solely because I loved the trip, the first experience and it was the best highlight of the year. Aside from all the other countries I traveled to this particular year (I traveled the most this year), Japan seemed to be reigning 2017. I found out that majority of the people I know and those I do not, be it on social media or not, have visited Japan particularly this year. It became significant to me because ever since January, each month, probably at least five people on Instagram and Facebook were in Japan. Mount Fuji snaps all year round!

Nobody that has been to Japan comes back giving bad reviews. It has always been the best experiences. So I've heard many stories and sharing of great adventures which made me stoked months before the trip itself. 

This trip was even more amazing because it was with my brothers and  cousins whom I'm very close with since young.

When we were there, I've finally realised all those stories came to live and nothing was short from what I heard. 

Impeccable experience, definitely. 

From the culture to the history to the people, the food and the fashion and even the service, top notch. Accommodation was beyond amazing and all I can say is that Japan has my love for it, probably almost on par with how I have always loved the States!

I never knew it would captivate me greatly. It was probably one of the best vacations I've ever had in years? Why not since it was all us cousins.

Scenery was spectacular, and every corner was Instagram-worthy!

One thing that was of "concern" was that everything was a little more pricey. And I wasn't really loving the flight back home because there was a 90 minute turbulence, a very violent one at that (the worst that I've ever experienced). At that time, there was a typhoon in the Philippines and according to the news, this typhoon was heading to Japan next so it all made sense. While it was horrific, it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences to be honest! 

Japan, you have definitely topped this chart!

If you've yet to visit the land of the rising Sun, you better do soon before your chance sets! 

With that, we've come to a wrap for the #2017TOP5 segment ...

Hope it was "entertaining" getting a peek into my odd world.

Here's wishing you a Great New Year 2018!

- Ahmad Bafadhal